Keeping our Planet Healthy. It's in our DNA.

We believe that all parts of our operations should reflect our devotion to a greener planet, which is why we adopt a sustainable mindset each time we make a business decision. We like to give a nod to Mother Nature by making sustainability a top priority in our wall art production and frame production, and that means using materials that are eco-friendly. Locally sourced products are the first step towards more sustainable consumption.

Our posters are printed on FSC certified paper that is not only manufactured by a mill in Canada but also respects SFI standards. Our wood frames and poster hangers are exclusively made of FSC certified wood. Finally, packaging and supplies are made from post-recycled materials produced in Canada and the U.S. Keeping our forests growing and our planet healthy is important to us. After all, it’s the only one we’ve got.

Our Prints | Opposite Wall team member rolls design posters with care before packaging it in a tube and shipping it worldwide

Contribute to Reforestation With One Tree Planted 

Because our business borrows from Mother Nature's precious ressources, we make it a priority to offset our paper and wood usage by contributing to reforestation initiatives. A part of our proceeds go to One Tree Planted, a Non-Profit which is committed to planting one tree for every dollar donated. While One Tree Planted operates in 43 countries, we've chosen to focus on our home: Canada.
For instance, British Columbia is home to marvellous biodiversity and breathtaking landscapes. Unfortunately, it has also become the target of many insects, pests and diseases which have ravaged an important part of the tree population. This, along with other factors of climate change, has increased the region's vulnerability to wildfires as we've sadly witnessed in recent years. Since the beginning of our partnership in 2020, we're proud to say we've help plant over 9000 trees in British Columbia... And it's all thanks to customers like you!
Together with One Tree Planted, we are committed to doing our part to limit climate change to 2 degrees all while nursing our venerable forests back to health.