Peel and Stick Wallpaper


Peel & Stick wallpaper offers the all beauty of an ornate wall covering without the commitment! Perfect for decorating rented spaces, kid’s rooms or just for trying on a pop of colour, this digitally printed paper requires zero pasting. Simply stick it on your prepped wall, remove and reuse! 

Step 1:  Gather your tools

Before you begin beautifying your wall, make sure you have the following items handy:

  • Level & straightedge
  • Sponge & bucket
  • Clean cloth
  • Measuring tape
  • Sharp scissors
  • Lead pencil
  • Craft knife 
  • Smoothing tool 
  • Step ladder (depending on the height of your wall)

* We recommend asking a friend for some help! 

Step 2: Prep your wall

Wallpaper works best on dry, smooth and clean walls. Before you get started, fill in holes, sand down bumps and remove electrical coverings. We recommend the use of wallpaper primer as this will ensure a smooth installation and easier removal. If your wall has been freshly painted, please allow a 4 week drying and setting period before applying the wallpaper. Lastly, clean the wall surface with a damp sponge or cloth to remove any remaining dust or plaster. Let dry before moving on to the next step. 

Step 3: Mark your starting point

All of our peel & stick rolls are 24 inches wide. Starting from the corner of the wall, measure the width of the wallpaper minus one inch (to allow for trimming on the wall edge) and mark with a pencil. Using a level, draw a straight, vertical line from the mark against which you can line up the edge of the wallpaper. 

Step 4: Place the first strip

Peel about 5 inches of the backing away from the top of the paper (removing too much of the backing at once may cause the wallpaper to stick to itself). Line up the paper with the top of the wall, allowing an inch or two to overlap the ceiling. Align the right side of the line you traced on step 4 and lightly press the edge to the wall along the mark. If your wallpaper isn’t quite lining up with your mark, no worries! Simply unstick it and try again until you get a perfect vertical match. 

Step 5: Apply & smooth

Working from top to bottom, gently pull the backing away as you evenly stick the paper to the wall a few inches at a time. Be careful not to pull or stretch the material as this may deform the design. If possible, get someone to guide the paper at the top and along the seam, while you hold the opposite edge away from the wall until the seams are lined up. Using a plastic smoother, work your way down the strip in a back and forth motion. Use firm pressure to flatten bubbles and ensure the wallpaper properly sticks to the wall. If tiny bubbles persist, gently poke them with a fine needle and finish applying them with your fingers. 

Step 6: Apply the remaining strips

Align the next wallpaper strip, making sure to match the pattern pinpoints. Repeat the process until your wall is fully covered (and beautified)!

Step 7: Trim the edges

Using a straightedge and craft (or exacto) knife, carefully trim the edges. Change your blade frequently to ensure a sharp cut and minimize risks of tearing the paper.


Does the wallpaper hide imperfections?

While our wallpaper may conceal stains and tiny bumps, it won't hide textured imperfections such as screw holes or paint drips. We recommend covering holes and sanding down bumps before applying your wallpaper as these imperfections will be visible through the wallpaper.

How can I place the wallpaper around corners and moldings?

Check out our instructions for the Peel & Stick and the Pre-Pasted wallpapers.

How do I go about installing your wallpaper?

Check out our instructions for the Peel & Stick and the Pre-Pasted wallpapers.

Do you sell single rolls or double rolls?

Our rolls are single rolls. This format makes installation easier and creates less waste.

Do you factor in windows and doors into your quantity calculations?

In order to avoid mistakes and ensure continuity in the pattern, it is important to factor in windows and doors. You'll want to measure the entire surface of the wall and have enough wallpaper rolls to cover the full area. You could repurpose any leftover wallpaper by framing it or using it to spruce up old furniture!

How many wallpaper rolls should I order?

You'll find our practical "Wallpaper Calculator" on the wallpaper product page. This tool allows you to enter your wall measurements (height and length) and gives you the amount and length of rolls needed to cover the desired surface. The calculator will always round up the number of rolls to allow an error margin.

Can I install your wallpaper in my bathroom?

The peel & stick wallpaper can be installed in a bathroom as long as it is not in direct contact with water and is in a well-ventilated room. When applying wallpaper to a more humid space such as a bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen, it is particularly important to prep your wall according to the instructions as this will increase the adherence of your wallpaper to the wall.

What is a pre-pasted wallpaper?

Our pre-pasted wallpaper is reminiscent of traditional wallpaper... Except it’s more convenient! As the name suggests, a layer of glue has previously been applied to its backing. Simply submerge it in water to activate the paste and beautify your wall.

· 175 gr mat paper

· Odour-free - PVC-free

· Printed with HP Latex Ink (water and latex, evaporation of water which makes it cure without the use of chemicals)

· Flame resistant

· Mold and mildew resistant

· 100% recyclable

What is a peel and stick wallpaper?

Our peel & stick wallpaper instantly takes your walls from boring to beautiful! This is a fabulous option for rented spaces and kids’ rooms as it can easily be removed without any damages to your wall (as long as it’s been properly primed). Peel & stick wallpaper is also water-resistant, making it the perfect fit for bathroom and kitchen makeovers!

· Polyester 350 gr

· PVC-free

· Printed with HP Latex Ink (water and latex, evaporation of water which makes it cure without the use of chemicals)

· Water-resistant - Washable

· May be mounted to any surface

· Can be repositioned several times

Which type of sample should I order?

It is important to note that the colour and pattern of a wallpaper design will have a slightly different look and finish whether it is printed on a pre-pasted or peel & stick. For this reason, it's important to order a sample in the wallpaper type you plan on applying to your wall. If you're unsure about which wallpaper type you want, we recommend ordering one sample of each to compare the look and finish.

Why should I order a sample?

Although we make sure all of the images on our website accurately represent the colours of the product, we cannot be responsible for the colour variations that may occur when viewed on your device's screen. In addition to this, a wallpaper's colour will look different in every environment, depending on the lighting, other colours in the room, etc. The samples are the best way to see how different wallpapers will look in your home.