Our Story

Made for everyday visionaries

Opposite Wall is a home decor and design studio based in Montreal, Canada. We believe everyone deserves a living space that reflects their personality and sparks inspiration on the daily. Whether you’re living in a studio downtown or a house in the country, the home is a canvas for expressing your unique view of the world. Our wide selection of prints is designed to help you display every side of who you are.

Driven by

Each month, our in-house designers delve into a new artistic universe, creating original collections that speak to a vast array of styles. From trend-conscious posters to timeless prints, our ever-growing list of artworks represents the tireless work of a small group of dedicated artists.


An eye for

Nothing is more important than the planet we call home. From SFI-certified paper to FSC-certified oak for our frames and accessories, we’ve invited Mother Nature along on each step of our production process. Plus, we donate part of our proceeds to One Tree Planted, an environmental initiative that help preserve and protect the planet.


Aspirational, yet attainable

As a direct-to-consumer design studio, we are able to operate extremely efficiently and keep waste to a minimum. This structure is not only better for the environment, it also keeps our prices competitive for you. No middle man means that you get to pocket the savings.