Everything You Need to Know About Wall Decals

We just welcomed a fun new player to our decorating team: wall decals. They’re easy-to-install, removable, affordable… In short, they’re game changers! Here is everything you need to know about our new wall stickers. 

They’re easy to install 

You’ve got things to do, places to see… We get it, you’re busy! Luckily, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing a weekend to jazz up your wall. Most vinyl wall decals can be installed in as little as an hour. Of course, installation time will vary depending on the size of your wall and the intricacy of the layout you choose. Trust us, no need to be a pro to install the removable wall stickers. All you’ll need is a clean cloth, a pair of scissors, some masking tape, and a plastic smoothing tool (an old library card would do the trick). Read our detailed instructions for more information on how to install wall decals. 

They’re easy to remove

Our lives are constantly evolving, people move from one place to the next, offices turn into nurseries, and styles change over the years. It’s a good thing, then, that wall decals are totally commitment free! When you’re ready to remove your wall decals, simply peel them off with your fingers. Our rental-friendly wall stickers will leave your walls in a pristine condition. Even better? They can be reused on other DIY projects. 

They can be used in countless ways

Prepare to unleash your creativity. Each wall decal style can be used in countless ways. You could recreate a wallpaper effect by neatly aligning each wall sticker, place them at random on your wall or even stick them on furniture. We also love playing with color contrast and layering our decals on darker paint for a bold accent wall effect. Since our vinyl decals adhere to most flat surfaces, they can easily be used to decorate bathrooms or even breathe new life into an old door. Not loving the layout? It’s all good! Simply reposition the vinyl stickers until you obtain a look you’re happy with.

'Happy Blooms' Flower Wall Decal

They’re affordable 

Beautiful decor that doesn’t cost a pretty penny? Yes please! You could cover an entire average-size wall with decal stickers for under $100. Prices of wall decals vary slightly by design, but no matter which style you choose, you’ll get to create a major wow factor without shocking your wallet! Simply measure your wall before ordering to estimate how many sheets of wall decals you’ll need for your project. 

Find stunning geometric, botanical, and kids wall decals on our website today. 

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