Let your inspiration blossom

Celebrate the bright joy of budding potential with our latest collection, Bloom, an ode to bold blossoms, vintage florals and wild botanicals.

It’s time to grow your design savvy with a fresh new look for spring.

Whether framed or wallpapered — literally — onto every available surface, this collection is a wild celebration of renewal, expansion and expression that will give your space a breath of fresh-cut floral air.

Whether in your entryway or in your favourite reading nook, now’s your chance to get those greenhouse vibes you always wanted.

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From botanic drama worthy of the Dutch masters to quirky, pop-artsy tropical fiestas, our artists have proved what we’ve long suspected: everybody loves flowers.

As special guests artists this time we have Marc Sardi, a Montreal-based floral artist and photographer who marries his two loves with a moody, poetic aesthetic, and Anine Iversen, based in Copenhagen, whose delicate style gives new meaning to the term “organic”.

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So come on, let’s sow the seeds of our own spring fling.