Our newest wallpaper collection: Deep in the Forest

The seasons are turning and we are exploring nature in all its glory from verdant forests of changing foliage to funky fungi. Our newest wallpaper collection is a walk in the woods for your walls.

We’re excited to announce our latest collaboration with the incredibly talented artist, Victoria Rose Park, bringing you an exclusive collection of wallpapers that celebrate the beauty of the forest, a real tribute to the allure of the woods.

“There's no distractions and a great sense of peace washes over you as your eyes are open to the hidden beauties surrounding you.”

Crafting nature’s beauty

Victoria’s designs capture the depth and tonality of the Canadian wilderness – the dappled rich greens of foliage, earthy browns of tree bark and the mottled tones of moss and stone – each wallpaper is a unique window into nature's palette.

Here's the thing: why should the beauty of nature be confined to the open air, when it deserves a cozy spot in your home? And who better to create art through nature than Victoria, hoping to take you away from your busy day-to-day life to being transported deep into the West Coast rainforest.

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“I hope my art can invite the feeling of being out in nature. We can't all be frolicking in the woods (dang it!), but I believe art has an important role to remind us and connect us to the beauty found in nature.”

With this collection, no need to dig up your hiking boots – simply adorn your walls, and you'll find yourself amidst the enchantment of the forest (minus the bug spray).

Curious about the installation process? Discover our top-notch wallpaper tips and how effortless it is to bring our designs to life in your space right here.

From the wild outdoors to the cozy indoors

Where will your haven be? Transform your living room, bedroom, or workspace into a space of calmness and inspiration.

Picture this: daylight gracefully dancing across your living room walls, as if you're catching the dynamic of nature & art.

Verdant, Mural

What makes botanicals so enchanting? It's those delicate strokes & soft hues, creating an atmosphere that breathes serenity into your bedroom.

Leafy Trails, Wallpaper

As shadows deepen & colors intensify in your office, it's like stepping into a story tale you can't resist.

Forest Floor, Wallpaper

Explore, dream, and rediscover the joy of connecting with nature every day.

Bring the forest home with the full collection here!