Marc Sardi’s top 5 bouquet tips

Who better than our guest artist Marc Sardi, botanist and flower arranger, to share tips on building and maintaining the perfect bouquet?

1) Limit your colour scheme

" I love monochromatic bouquets. Otherwise pick a couple of high-contrast colours, like peach and pale lilac, fire-engine red and lilac, coral pink and pale yellow… "

2) Be choosy about species

" To avoid a chaotic look, go for one or two types of flower. Or, select many but stick to a single colour, for a look that’s abundant but not disjointed. "

3) Keep your stems short

" When they’re long you have to select a tall vase, and then all you see is the vase and the stems. I much prefer a squat base. "

4) Pick the right vase

" I don’t want to see what’s going on in the vase! My ideal is a short and opaque vase that matches the shape of the stems and shines the spotlight on the blooms. "

5) Keep it fresh

" To maintain the freshness of a bouquet, you have to empty your vase, wash it with dish soap and water, and fill it back up with fresh room-temperature water daily. "