Alpine all the time

Those snowy slopes are calling your name, and the chalets? Well, they're practically winking at you from the mountainside, tempting you to escape the hustle & bustle of daily life. Close your eyes and imagine… Powder days, first chair, warm drinks by the fire.

In honor of the season, our design studio created a collection to celebrate that magical time in the mountains. Alpine Holidays is our newest print and wallpaper collection dedicated to getting you in the winter spirit. Whether you’re getting the cabin ready or just cozying up your apartment for frosty months ahead, it’ll have you après ski ready.

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Ski culture celebration

The 60s and 70s were a heady time for skiing. The invention of the ski resort had democratized the winter getaway, and people were flocking to the slopes. These prints are set against a backdrop of towering peaks, crystalline slopes dotted with brightly clad skiers, and the cozy atmosphere of the lodge after a hard run.

Chalet all day with pieces like this work from David Meyring inspired by vintage ski prints.

Chamonix, Print

Our inspiration spans the breadth of this era—from vintage trail maps to the legendary French Alpine skier, Jean-Claude Killy and his color-blocked ski gear. Bold typographical travel prints speak of wintery wanderlust, while iconic portrayals of James Bond’s thrilling ski adventures in Hollywood glamorize the chalet culture of the time.

With a deep sense of nostalgia, striking graphics, and vibrant, punchy colors, we’re celebrating a time when style and sophistication effortlessly coexisted on the snowy slopes. Each piece is like a postcard from the past, bringing out the spirit of après-ski gatherings, the allure of fire-warmed chalets, and the thrill of downhill adventures that made those times truly legendary.

Walls that are ready for celebrating – set the scene with this typography print from Ariane Martin.

Reward Station, Print

A stylish nod to the past

It's not all about mountain scenery, but also the unforgettable fashion of the 60s & 70s.

Back in that golden era, ski fashion was all about embracing bold patterns and vibrant colors. Picture yourself hitting the slopes in a bright, psychedelic ski suit, blending in with every other funky skier. And then, the après-ski gatherings. Think fur-lined boots, chunky knit scarves, and stylish alpine-inspired sweaters. This print collection encapsulates this era's sense of adventure & individuality, allowing you to bridge the gap between nostalgia & modernity.

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Sipping hot cocoa by the fire, surrounded by posters that radiate more warmth than your coziest blanket… You've got the vibe of Alpine Holidays.