Opposite Wall x Victoria Rose Park

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In a bustling world, we often find solace in nature. Victoria Rose Park, is an artist captivated by finding that solace in the forests of British Columbia and her brushstrokes bring that wilderness from forest floor to canvas.

Could you describe your creative process? How do you take the inspiration you find in nature and translate it into your art?

My creative process is very intuitive to the season of nature around me and the season of life I am personally processing. Every collection starts with a pull into a natural environment, usually the season that is approaching, and I feel a curious excitement to explore. As I start to gather inspiration the story starts to fall into place and the natural elements I begin to paint quickly become symbols for something deeper. Without fail, I find parallels in nature that relate to whatever I am processing personally and expressing that relationship through art is a form of therapy for me.

Tell us about your earliest memories of the forest and how it influenced your love for nature and art.

I was homeschooled growing up and my childhood home had a forest in my backyard and another across the street, so I have been playing in the forest for as long as I can remember. I spent more time outside creating imaginary worlds in the woods or inside making art than I spent doing "schoolwork". Looking back, I see that this curiosity and creativity was actually very much an education that  led me to where I am today.

In your opinion, what is the most fulfilling aspect of being an artist who draws inspiration from the natural world?

Most of us have seen a forest, mountain, or field, but through my art I hope to offer people a new perspective and encounter with beauty found in nature. A beauty that is so often missed in our busy day to day lives. Beauty can be viewed as a nonessential perk by some, but I believe it is essential for society and serves as a reminder of the good that still exists. That there is something bigger and more powerful than ourselves that keeps us inspired to make the world a better place. To serve others with that beauty through my art is incredibly fulfilling and a lifelong dream of mine. 

What is inspiring you today?

I am almost always pulling inspiration from nature in the current season, so the textures, colors and natural occurrences of Fall are fueling my work currently. Specifically the slow growth of wild mushrooms, quiet walks in early morning fog, and the mosaic of rich browns and golds on the forest floor.

What are your favorite elements of nature to incorporate into your artwork, and why do they hold such significance for you?

I have too many favorites! But ferns, moss, and evergreen trees are what I adore the most. These elements in the West Coast rainforest remain mostly the same throughout the seasons and I find that very grounding. They remind me of my childhood roots, like faithful friends that are always there when I need them. 

What messages or emotions do you hope your art conveys to those who view it?

I hope to awaken curiosity and inspiration in people's hearts with the beauty in nature and the hidden story it tells.

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Today, Victoria Rose Park's art is a testament to her enduring connection with nature. With each brushstroke, she captures the mystery of the forest, the serenity of native flora, and the drama of lush landscapes. Her work embodies the harmony between nature and art

As you explore Victoria Rose Park's creations, take a moment to reconnect with nature, and let her art transport you to the hidden places of the forest.