Audrey Rivet: Crafting Beauty From Her Feed to Your Home

Whether she's standing in front of the lens or behind the drawing board, Audrey Rivet has a flair for crafting beauty. Just take a look at her Instagram account, and you’ll understand what we mean! In fact, you may already be one of the 181K followers to have been charmed by her warm and enveloping aesthetic. Today, Audrey's vision transcends the virtual realm with the launch of her first ever poster collection, in collaboration with Opposite Wall. With each signature creation, Audrey invites us into a world of unparalleled charm. 

Opposite Wall: Where does your artistic side come from?
Audrey: My mother is very artistic and she taught me to draw at a young age. I remember evenings spent drawing each other’s portraits to practice! However, I never thought of it as a career. I used to want to be a nurse. I entered the nursing program, but after two semesters, I realized that what I loved most  were my optional drawing and painting courses! So, I decided to pursue my studies in graphic design. 
OW: We know you mostly as an influencer. With this collaboration, we will get to know you better as an artist. What does this mean to you?
A.: With my job as a content creator, there came a time when I had to prioritize social media and set aside graphic design and illustration. I wanted to find a happy medium between answering clients' orders and being master of my own creations. Knowing that, today, my illustrations are an integral part of my job... It's a dream come true thanks to this collaboration!
Audrey Rivet x Opposite Wall

" I have come to realize that my anxiety and creativity coexist, that they are one and the same. Art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, but lately I've come to really understand its importance."

OW: What role does art have in your life?
A.: I have always loved creating and being surrounded by beauty. It really brings me great happiness and a great sense of accomplishment to create it, whether it's by decorating my home, drawing or creating my content. I've had a particular relationship with art for a long time because my creative drive tends to fuel my anxiety. I have come to realize that my anxiety and creativity coexist, that they are one and the same. Art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, but lately I've come to really understand its importance. 
OW: Which of Opposite Wall's values resonate with you the most?
A.: I like the local and human aspect of the company. I also like the fact that Opposite Wall is environmentally aware. I think it's a great challenge to combine ecology, aesthetics and accessibility. It was a great pride to be able to highlight a brand such as this one. For me, it was a way to combine business with pleasure!
Audrey Rivet x Opposite WallOW: What were your inspirations for this collection? 
A.: I really like painters like Matisse, Jan Van der Kooi, Carl Larsson, Monet and Picasso. I also get a lot of inspiration from my daily life and my content creation. I thought that if someone wanted to make a gallery wall out of it, it would be nice to have images that were quite different from one another, but cohesive at the same time. At first it was a challenge because I thought, "I don't have a style of my own", but having completed the collection, I realize that yes, actually, my style is all of that! 
OW: Besides yours, do you have any favourite posters at Opposite Wall?
A.: I love the collaboration with Rosi Feist. I have long been fascinated by colourful, abstract geometric shapes. I think this kind of poster would go really well with my collection.
OW: You’ve got a knack for creating gorgeous gallery walls. Do you have any advice for people who aren't sure where to start?
A: I would advise starting with a moodboard or a Pinterest collection. Often, I will draw a sketch on a piece of paper to visualize the dimensions. If people are more daring, like me, they can also play around with nails and see where it leads them. It's a creative process, but it's a little more risky! For this collaboration, I used Opposite Wall’s gallery wall creation service. It was perfect because I've been pretty busy these days and wasn't quite sure how to fill that space.
Audrey Rivet x Opposite Wall
Dying to see the result of this collaboration? Check out Audrey Rivet's sixteen signature creations, available exclusively on our website.
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