Artist spotlight

Anine Iversen

Meet Anine Iversen, the Copenhagen artist who’s behind some painterly floral pieces in our Bloom Collection. Having enjoyed watercolour painting and drawing since childhood, her artwork embodies vibrant hues, feminine aesthetics and organic forms. Her influences? Modern art, nature, fashion and the wild world of human emotions.

Anine Iversen’s work is like a gust of fresh spring air for the soul. Of course we invited her as a guest artist on our Bloom collection!

1. Are we right to describe your art as poetic?

Yes, definitely!

2. How did you get into botanical art?

It is a motif I have always felt drawn to, and I love studying the variations in colours, patterns and the ever-changing, organic shapes that transform constantly — it’s something that has always fascinated me.

Painting flowers and plants is also a way for me to feel connected with nature, and I can always discover new details and shapes, which aligns very well with my intuitive way of painting.

3. What are some of your main sources of inspiration these days?

I often paint from live flowers, but I find inspiration from thrifted art/botanical books too. I have always been inspired by Matisse, since I first saw his works when I was child and was completely amazed.

At the moment I am also very inspired by Anna Syberg, a Danish artist who lived in the early 19th century — she painted mainly flowers in watercolour in a very unique, experimenting way, both technique- and composition-wise.

4. Do you have a favourite flower?

I have many! But peonies and tulips are on the top of my list.