How to Decorate Like a Fashionista

We know our fans have style... We’ve seen your Instagram posts! And since our wonderful community is filled with fashion savvy people, we thought you might be interested in our selection of stylish posters.
Not sure how to incorporate fashion into your decor? It’s simple, really. A lot of the cardinal rules of fashion apply to interior design... 

A well-chosen statement print can change a whole room

In the same way a bulky belt or bold piece of jewelry can transform an outfit, a statement print can upgrade your decor in the time it takes to hang a frame!
If gallery walls aren’t your thing, opt for a stylish photo or illustration in a large format. It’ll instantly become a gorgeous focal point while also making the room look bigger.
'Oswald' is a fashion silhouette poster from the "Venus" collection.
'Balenciaga' is a fashion silhouette illustration from the Amelie Hegardt collaboration'Runway' is a fashion-themed photography from the Venus collection

Never be afraid of mixing styles and patterns

Those who dare to think outside the box and have fun with their style often achieve the most impactful looks. This is true for interior decor too! Combining different colours, genres and formats of prints is a great way to create an eye-catching signature design. Luckily, you can choose from hundreds of prints on our website to create your gallery wall. For a fashion-themed look, pair sleek sketches like those from our collaboration with haute couture illustrator Amelie Hegardt with stylish quotes and photography from the Venus collection. You could pair vintage illustrations with avant-garde prints, or assemble contrasting styles of same-colour posters. The options are endless!
This fashion-themed gallery wall was made using prints from the "Venus" collection and the "Amelie Hegardt" collaboration.
"The Waiting Girl" colourful poster of a woman sitting on stairs from the Venus collection"Lingerie" is a poster of a bra and underwear from the Venus collection'Sophisticated Woman' is a fashion photography from the Venus collection

Neutral colours are your friends

This fashion lesson also rings true when it comes to dressing up your walls. When in doubt, opt for neutral colours like white, beige and black. For a classy monochromatic look, stick to posters within the same palette, and if you’re looking for a more playful result, simply work in a pop of colour!
This fashion-themed gallery wall was made using prints from the "Venus" collection and the "Amelie Hegardt" collaboration.
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