How to Pick the Perfect Wallpaper

Wallpapers are making a comeback, and they’re better than ever! We’re thrilled to revisit this decor classic with our new collection of fabulous wallpapers. Unlike old-school wall coverings which required buckets of glue and are a pain to remove, our wallpapers are easy to use AND to remove. Each style is available in a pre-pasted and peel & stick format. Not sure which one is best suited to your needs? Keep reading! 


Some Commonalities

Before we dive into what sets the peel and stick and pre-pasted formats apart from each other, let’s highlight what they have in common!

All of our wallpapers are

  • PVC free

  • Printed with chemical free and Green Guard Gold certified HP latex ink (which makes them as safe as they are stylish)

  • Designed by our fabulous in-house design team

  • Printed on demand in Montreal 

The Pre-pasted wallpaper - the New Classic


Think of pre-pasted wallpaper as traditional wallpaper’s cool younger cousin! Much like the wall coverings you may have encountered in your childhood, these pre-pasted alternatives are printed on high grade paper and are very durable. Unlike the traditional kind, however, pre-pasted wallpaper doesn’t require you to purchase gallons of glue. As the name suggests, odor and chemical-free glue has been pre-applied to the backing of each roll. Simply dunk the paper in water to activate it! The wet paper glides on your wall, making it super easy to line up the roll with pattern pinpoints. Pre-pasted wall coverings are also easier to remove than their traditional counterparts. Arm yourself with a strong steamer and little patience and you’ll be good to go! 

What we love about the pre-pasted option

  • It’s 100% recyclable

  • It’s mildew and mold resistant

  • It’s got a chic matte, almost velour finish

  • It’s easier to remove than traditional wallpaper. 

The Peel & Stick - the Game Changer


Decor aficionados know that wallpaper can take a space to a whole new level, but many shy away from it, worried it’s too much of a commitment. Ladies and gentlemen, that changes today! Removable wallpaper allows you to make a bold statement with none of the commitment. Our self sticking wallpaper can be removed and reapplied several times, leaving your wall good as new (as long as it’s been properly prepped, that is)! This self-adhesive wallpaper’s easy removal makes it the ideal option for rented apartments or kids’ rooms. Oh, and since it’s water resistant, it’s perfect for jazzing up your bathroom, laundry room or kitchen! Just make sure your humidity-prone room is well ventilated and that the removable wallpaper isn’t in direct contact with water. 

What we love about the peel & stick option

  • It’s reusable

  • It’s water resistant

  • It’s got a beautiful (and washable) satin finish 

  • It can easily be removed without damaging your walls

Still hesitating? Get two samples of the pattern you’ve got your eye on! You’ll be able to compare the look and feel of your style of choice. And since pre-pasted and peel off wallpaper can look different depending on the lighting of a room or the color of the walls surrounding them, you’ll get a clearer idea of the final result. 

For more information, check out our video tutorials for the peel & stick and pre-pasted wallpaper. 

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