How to Decorate your Home Bar with Flair

Nobody makes your favourite drink better than you do… So instead of heading to the bar, why not bring it to you? Drawing inspiration from the world’s trendiest night spots, we curated a selection of prints that are sure to add flair to your home bar

Home Bar Decor

The Best Mojito in Town, in the Comfort of your Home

Sipping a cold margarita in the sunshine is one of our favourite things. You too? Then this is your sign to immortalize the thrill of summer with a festive cocktail zone! It’s as easy as stocking a shelf with your booze of choice and topping it off with fabulous decor. If you dream of zesty mojitos by the pool, check out the Pacific Vibrations collection. It’s brimming with luminous photography and nostalgic summer imagery. Plus, the chic cocktail recipe prints from the Banquet collection will ensure you never again forget how much lime goes into a daiquiri!

Classy Wine Bar, But Make it Cozy

What’s better than a smooth bottle of vino shared with close friends? Enjoying it in the comfort of your humble abode, that’s what! Abstract art prints will elevate your home wine bar while the sensual illustrations from the Pillow Talk collection will give it an elegant and intimate vibe. If you prefer a more playful ambiance, make sure to check out our wine-themed posters too. Ooh, and you didn’t think we’d forget about you wine and cheese enthusiasts did you? 
Home Wine Bar Decor

Become the Host with the Most… Stunning Home Bar! 

From Christmas parties to spontaneous happy hours at home, it’s always nice to welcome guests in a convivial space. To create a party area, set up a bar cart with stylish liquor bottles and snazzy cocktail glasses. And for the final touch? Opt for sophisticated alcohol-themed prints like this one or that one! You could even add a beautiful oak shelf to display your fancy cocktail shaker and favourite art.
Home Bar Decor
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