How to Decorate Like a Garden Whisperer

Summer’s just around the corner, and if the warmer days have you craving brighter colours, just know you’re not alone. All the blooming flowers and thriving botanicals outside inspired us to cultivate our own garden of beauty... In the comfort of our homes! Here are some tips on how to decorate like a garden whisperer.
Floral prints

Plant a Flower Garden… on Your Wall!

Have you ever heard of someone who hated flowers? Allergies aside, we don’t think there is such a thing! And since floral prints don’t make you sneeze, we can confidently say they’re a sure-fire way to infuse every home with joy. Create a colourful abstract garden with flower illustrations and line art or opt for a more realistic style with beautiful botanical photography. 

Spice Up Your Kitchen Decor With Fresh Flavours

If you’re a gardener, then you know the wholesome joy of picking your first tomato of the season or of watching tiny seedlings turn into glorious plants. Channel your love of fresh home-grown ingredients into an enticing gallery wall for your kitchen or dining room. Our Banquet collection offers tons of delicious print options perfect for those who love to grow food (and eat it)!

Plant a Garden in Every Room

              Your garden, your rules! Want to recreate a rose garden above your bed? Head here to find glamorous and romantic flower posters. Does your solarium need a style update? It’s as simple as adding a picture ledge and topping it with botanical photography, still life prints and floral designs! If you’re going for a cottagecore aesthetic, botanical and floral art framed in sustainable oak frames will complete your cozy-meets-earthy fantasy!
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