How to Decorate Like a Globetrotter

Do you miss travelling? Yeah… Us too! But true globetrotters know that travel isn’t just a verb, it’s a mindset! Hopping on the next plane isn’t always an option, but thankfully, even the simplest things can conjure up thrilling vacation memories. Adorning your walls with beautiful reminders of your best moments abroad is a great way to create an uplifting  atmosphere. Remember that romantic trip in Paris? That impromptu road trip with your best friends? Or that breathtaking view from a Guatemala mountain? Turns out you can channel those highlights into your decor!  

Add Your Personal Touch

If you’re lucky enough to have a generously-stamped passport, then you more than likely collected a few mementos of your travels. Take out your travel albums and memory boxes and let your nostalgia guide you. Event tickets, festival bracelets, maps and even restaurant coasters can be charming additions to your mural creation. Of course, integrating personal pictures is always great. Use our pretty oak and metal frames to make your best travel selfies pop. Too absorbed in the experience to remember taking out your camera? Use our prints instead! By mixing and matching your own memorabilia with sleek illustrations and photography, you’ll achieve a stylish look that is 100% you!

Zoom In on a Location

You don’t need to be a seasoned traveller to achieve a travel-inspired decor. In fact, you don’t even need to have travelled at all! Draw inspiration from your destination bucket list instead. Let’s say, for instance, that a road trip along the California Coast is something you’re dying to do. Pick beachy landscapes, cheery typography and sun-soaked illustrations that fit with your theme and voilà! You’ve got yourself a Cali-style gallery wall that doubles as a vision board!

Or Make Up Your Own Rules

Our favourite thing about gallery walls? There are no rules! Wall decor is a wonderful storytelling tool and there are so many ways to tell your unique travel journey. You could frame old vacation photos and combine them with a nostalgic travel quote print for a sweet, sentimental effect.
Another option is to draw inspiration from a memorable trip to recreate a relaxing atmosphere in your space.
Do mojitos take you back to Mexico? Then hang one on your wall for an instant vacation vibe! Whether you’re hoping to revive precious travel memories or visualize your next trip, travel-themed art is a beautiful way to add personality and spirit to your decor.